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Creation of a brand book for the image of your company

The brand book is book, which tells about united company’s style. Brand stimulates the recognition of the product or services provided by the organization. Creation of brand book is a final stage of united company’s style development. It includes logos’s development, the design of business cards, folders and forms. Our professional designers will develop a unique design according to the field of work and the concept of the company, which will help to create a visual association with your organization.

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Creation of a brand book for the image of your company

Prices for the production and printing of brand books

1-2 pp.
5-10 pp.
10-25 pp.
more than 25 pp.
100-200 €
250-600 €
650-1500 €
1600-2500 €
Low complexity
Medium complexity
High complexity
Logo, colors, font; it’s possible to offer minimal size, color variations (invert or one-color)
Logo (base variant, minimal size, protected field, logo usage on background), colors, font and business materials (business card, form, envelope); it’s possible to offer a concept/idea, color differences and logo’s extra variations Concept, visual identity basic elements, business materials (business card, form, envelope, e-mail signature if necessary, folders) and presentation materials (till 3); it’s possible to offer to structure the design of advertising/press materials (modular networks/compositions) or uniform, car design Concept, visual identity basic elements, business materials, presentation materials (starting from 5); if necessary – area design, uniforms, electronic guidelines and design of promotional materials

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The latest generation of equipment! We use high quality and ecological materials!
100 % warranty

100 % warranty

We provide a quality guarantee for all our customers' printing products!

The brand book’s components

Visual identity

  • Positioning
  • Concept

Visual identity basic elements

  • Logo
  • Base variant
  • Extra variant
  • Protected field
  • Minimal size
  • Logo’s usage on the background
  • Forbidden usage
  • Colors
  • Backgrounds, texts, elements, photos
  • Font

Business material

  • Business cards
  • Form
  • Envelope
  • Stamp
  • E-mail signatures
  • Folders
  • Compliment and congratulation cards, invitations

Area design

  • Signboard
  • References
  • Inscriptions, elements of interior
  • Press wall
  • Flags

Staff design/uniforms

  • Staff ID + setting
  • Uniform (shirts, neckerchiefs, jackets etc.)

Presentation materials

  • 3 types of carriers (by deformation type) – mugs, pens, keychains, T-shirts, umbrellas, hats, gift bags and boxes etc.

Electronic environmental guidelines

  • Social networks
  • Web banners
  • Web pages and applications

Advertising material, press

  • Design of models (modular network/composition) — posters, flyers, booklets, catalogues
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please fill out the order form on our website or contact us using the contact information provided: +371 27863280, We will help with placing the order and provide you with all the necessary information.
The brand book provides guidelines on the use of the logo, color scheme, typography, etc. You can use these guidelines when creating company materials to maintain a uniform visual image.
Yes, it is possible to make changes to the brand book after its development. However, this may require additional time and costs depending on the volume of changes.
Yes, the brand book can include digital materials, including social media design, email templates, etc. We will develop a comprehensive brand book that meets your company's needs.
We can offer both the creation of a new brand book and the adaptation of an existing one. It depends on your wishes and requirements.
The logo is the main visual symbol of the company. Including it in the brand book ensures the correct use and consistency of the logo in all your company materials.
Yes, our professional designers will develop a brand book that corresponds to your company's field of activity and concept. It will be unique and reflect your company's identity.
The duration of brand book development depends on the volume and complexity of the projects. We work operationally to ensure a quality result and compliance with your desires.
A brand book is a unified company style that includes logo, business card, form, and document folder design. It helps promote company recognition and provides a uniform visual image.
The development of a brand book ensures a uniform and recognizable visual identity. It helps build trust and stand out from competitors, promoting customer association with your company.


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