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Rounding corners - creating an expressive and complete look of printed products

Rounding corners in polygraphy is a post-print process that helps to create complete and expressive look of the polygraphy production. This treatment type is used at the end of the production.

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Rounding corners - creating an expressive and complete look of printed products

Price of the rounding of corners process

Our specialists will fulfill the order of any complexity qualitatively and in time. Polygraphy production’s rounding of corners you can order as a separate service.

Rounding of corners 100 5.00
  • VAT  is not included in the price.
  • The higher the circulation, the lower the price for 1 piece.
  • The price of a large circulation is calculated upon individual application

Why to choose us?



Fast deadline! Rounding the corners of the material in just 1 hour!


The latest generation of equipment! We use high quality and ecological materials!
100 % warranty

100 % warranty

We provide a quality guarantee for all our customers' printing products!

About rounding corners in printing

Rounded corners helps to avoid standart wrinkled corners, giving to the typography production a very accurate and stylish look.

The corners are treated by rounding radius that can be completely different in range (usually 3-5 mm). It is coordinated with the wishes of  the client, taking into account the material and format of the printing production. Using special equipment we cut off the edge of the corner, creating a round shape.

Rounded corners are often in use for:

  • Business cards
  • Badges
  • Cards (gift cards, discount cards and similar)
  • Tags
  • Labels
  • Price lists
  • Pocket calendars
  • Children’s books
  • Greeting cards
  • Invitations
  • Notebooks
  • Diplomas
  • Other printing and souvenir’s production types

Frequently Asked Questions

To order the corner rounding service from us, we invite you to fill out the order form located on our website. You can specify the desired corner rounding sizes and other specific requests.
The corner rounding process is usually fast. Depending on the volume and complexity of the order, we strive to ensure a quick processing time, which will be specified individually for each client.
The corner rounding process can affect the price of the product, as it is an additional post-printing processing step. Our prices are adjusted to be affordable and competitive, and we will provide you with detailed information about the costs associated with corner rounding.
Yes, the choice of printing does not affect corner rounding.
Corner rounding creates an expressive and complete appearance of the printed products. Rounded corners give the product a professional and modern look and make it safer to use, as they prevent corner deformation.
Corner rounding is suitable for various print products, such as business cards, tags, invitations, and other materials. It is a universal process that can improve the look of almost any printed product.
The most popular corner rounding sizes are typically 3mm and 5mm radius. These sizes provide a smooth and professional rounding effect, but we can also adapt to other sizes according to the client's wishes.
Yes, different materials react differently to corner rounding, but mostly any thickness of paper and cardboard can be rounded.


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