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Printing design, design development and mockups of printing products – is a type of graphic design, the tasks of which include the development of printed materials or models. The finished product is usually a paper carrier. Our printing house provides design development services and high-quality prepress, scanning, image processing, color correction, layout and other stages of printing technology required for the preparation of printing products for printing. We know how to show your service, the best features of the product and attract them to the consumer’s attention.


Our designers create bright, memorable images and technically correct mockups for any printing and advertising products. A graphic designer can use visual arts, typography, page layout methods and techniques to get the right end result. The design is developed by the designer or the mockup designer himself.

Design and mockup of printing products – catalogs, booklets, calendars, brochures, business cards, etc. Logo development and layout creation for print publications. We develop a set of company style, as well as the design of certain types of printing products.

Design development in printing

Design development in printing is a graphic design of the mockup in accordance with the customer’s requirements and in accordance with the technical requirements for the sale of printing products. Professional design development plays a very important role in presenting, perceiving and attracting information. We design according to all technical requirements.

Mockups in printing

Mockups in the printing and publishing industries is the process of creating edition pages by arranging graphic and text elements. Mockup is a correlative to each other elements of the composition of the placement process. Making a mockup of an edition or any component element – columns, aperture, illustrations, cover, etc. c. composition.

Our specialists will place text, graphics and pictures on the printing products so as to emphasize all the best features of your product or service. We develop mockups according to technical requirements, observing literary and artistic norms. Qualitative layout of any printing products – magazines, newspapers, booklets, textbooks, books, etc.

Layout in printing is a sample approved by the customer for the layout and assembly of the columns of the publication with the layout of the columns on the printed sheet.


Flatbed scanning of originals, photos, drawings, printed materials, etc.

Photo processing

Color correction, technical and artistic image retouching, photomontage.

Mockup and design prices include:

  1. Gathering information about the company / profession / field / product;
  2. Development of design, ideas, sketch, creation of visual design;
  3. As the development of the mockup and design is closely linked, at this stage the design – text, images and other graphic elements – is adjusted to the required dimensions, taking into account all overlays, cut lines and other requirements that are important to create a valid file (for any printing output – web materials or logo). Usually, we develop 2-3 mockup versions.

Design development for any printable product.

Design development prices

Design Mockup
Business cards 35 EUR 20 EUR
Booklet 110 EUR 65 EUR
Flyers 60 EUR 30 EUR
Tags 25 EUR 10 EUR
Books 200 EUR 90 EUR
Brochures 110 EUR 65 EUR
Advertising printed matter 60 EUR 30 EUR

We offer mockup multi-page and periodical products – catalogs, magazines, books.

  • Hourly rate of layout works – 30 EUR, the hourly rate may change depending on the amount of work.
  • The hourly rate of designing large-scale printing materials (catalogs, books, magazines, calendars) is lower.
  • Price does not include VAT.

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