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Perforation - drawing holes that form a line

Perforation – a process of perforation, in which holes of certain shape and the same diameter are created in the sheet or paper or other material close to each other. Perforation mostly is used in the production of tickets, shearing calendars, different shearing coupons, notebooks, stamps and other printing products. Perforation can be performed on a sheet of paper both horizontally and vertically, everything depends on the design of the production and customers’ wishes.

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Perforation - drawing holes that form a line

Price for perforation process

Perforation price – 0,10 EUR/pc.


How is it performed, what are the types of perforation?

Perforation is performed after printing and it facilitates paper or other material tearing in certain place. Perforation is divided into two types, depending on the necessary type of holes:

  • Type of dots;
  • Type of lines.

Perforation is carried out on a special, automatic machine, which ensures high productivity and quality.

Perforation sometimes is used for accurate and easy folding of a printed paper, which serves as an alternative to the process of creasing or folding.


Why to choose us?



Fast deadline! Perforation in 1 hour!


The latest generation of equipment! We use high quality and ecological materials!
100 % warranty

100 % warranty

We provide a quality guarantee for all our customers' printing products!

Technology used for perforation

Perforation is performed on Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33. It is fully automatic machine with a vacuum feeding system and unique technology, which eliminates paper tearing.

– The working speed of the equipment reaches even up to 8500 A4 sheets of paper per hour.

Our specialists have great experience in printing production and we are always ready to offer you a wide range of printing services. We will help you to choose the optimal option of creasing, folding or perforation and we will qualitatively and quickly execute any order at affordable prices. As the necessary work equipment is available on site, we guarantee operativeness and full work cycle on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perforation can be used in the manufacture of many types of print products, including tickets, tear-off calendars, coupons, stamps, and other products with tear-off parts.
Yes, it is possible to perform perforation both horizontally and vertically, depending on your design and wishes.
Yes, there are various standard ways to place perforation holes, such as line perforation or specific shape perforation. We will help you choose the best solution that meets your design requirements.
The thickness of the material can affect the perforation process, as thicker materials may require stronger tools or special settings to achieve the desired result. We will adjust the process according to your chosen material.
To order the perforation service, please contact us using our specified contact information or fill out our online order form on our website. We will be happy to assist you with any questions and provide a quality perforation service.
There may be certain limitation boundaries for creating perforation, depending on the type of material, size, and perforation techniques. Contact us and we will help you understand these boundaries and provide you with the best solution.
Yes, perforation can be used not only for functionality purposes, but also as an interesting and attractive design element. This can give your print product a unique look.
Perforation is a process in which holes or marks are made on a material, allowing the tear-off part to be easily separated from the main product. It is a popular way to create tickets, coupons, notepads, and other print products with tear-off parts.
Yes, perforation is possible on different thickness paper.


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