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Production and printing of business cards with design

Business card offers short information about its owner. Usually the company’s name and logotype as well as name and surname, position and contacts of employee are mentioned on business card. Some business cards include information about services and good offered, company’s web page, how to get to the company or some other information. Business card is integral part of modern businessperson’s belongings. Designing or printing of business cards are the most demanded service in printing plants.

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Production and printing of business cards with design

High quality digital printing of business cards

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Prices for the production and printing of business cards

Business card (50 x 90mm) digital printing (250 – 400 g)

100 4+0 12.00 4+4 17.00 22.00
200 4+0 22.00 4+4 33.00 38.00
300 4+0 33.00 4+4 45.00 52.00
400 4+0 40.00 4+4 56.00 68.00
500 4+0 44.00 4+4 66.00 78.00
1000 4+0 77.00 4+4 99.00 116.00
2000 4+0 132.00 4+4 176.00 205.00

* Specification explanation:

4 + 0 – single-sided full-color printing;
4 + 4 – two-sided full-color printing;
1 + 1 –  both side matt or gloss laminate.

  • Business card prices with glossy or matte laminate are indicated on double-sided printing (4 + 4) business cards.


Matt or glossy laminate coating 5.00 (100pcs.)
“Soft Touch” laminate 7.00 (100pcs.)
Rounding of corners 5.00 (100pcs.)
Design development from 35.00
Mockup from 15.00
Mockup correction (making changes to an existing mockup, preparing it for printing) from 7.00
  • The price does not include layout and VAT.
  • Prices are for printing 100 business cards.
  • Lamination and corner rounding prices are for 100 business cards. For more business cards, additional option prices are calculated based on the number of sheets.
  • Prices for large editions by individual calculation.


Mockup and design prices include:

  1. Gathering information about the company / profession / field / product;
  2. Development of design, ideas, sketch, creation of visual design;
  3. As the development of the mockup and design is closely linked, at this stage the design – text, images and other graphic elements – is adjusted to the required dimensions, taking into account all overlays, cut lines and other requirements that are important to create a valid file (for any printing output – web materials or logo). Usually, we develop 2-3 mockup versions.

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100 % Guarantee

100 % Guarantee

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Designing and printing of business cards

Business cards are made in accordance with company’s style. Their printing methods include offset, screen printing, digital, intaglio printing, relief printing, hot foil print. Materials used in manufacturing of business cards are very different:  gloss and matt paper, designed or usual cardboard, plastics and other materials can also be used. Business cards usually are printed on paper with density of 250 to 400 grams per square meter.

Standard business card size in Europe and Russia is 50×90 millimetres, but in some states it is 55×85 millimetres.

Designing of business cards

Business card is closely related to company’s image, therefore it has to create positive association, and it has to be qualitative in design and printing. Interesting design and qualitative print help to make business card attractive with its originality.

Our printing plant services include full designing of company’s style: designing of logo, forms, envelopes, folders as well as any other printed production.

Development of the design: from 10 EUR.

Design from 5 minutes

Create your own design for free or choose from pre-made designs

On our website you can create your own design or choose from ready-made designs and order printing online

create your own design

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a ready design file, you can submit it to us. If not, our designers will help you create a suitable design, based on your instructions and wishes.
Yes, we can provide a sample of a business card. Please contact us to receive a sample and consultation.
To place an order for business card production, please fill out the order form located on our website. If you have additional questions, you can contact us using the contact information provided.
Yes, we offer individual customization for business cards. You can specify special design and information elements that meet specific needs and reflect your company.
Yes, we offer various additional printing options, including laminate, varnish and foil covering, embossing, and other decorative elements, to make your business cards look exclusive and noticeable.
Yes, we provide both single-sided and double-sided printing for business cards.
A business card is an indispensable attribute of every modern business person, which allows you to provide brief information about yourself or the company. They are a great way to pass on contact information and leave a professional impression.
Yes, we offer professional design development for business cards. Our designers will help create and customize the design of business cards according to your wishes and company identity.
The production time for business cards depends on the volume and complexity of the order. Please contact us to get more precise information about the time.
A business card usually includes the company name, logo, the card owner's name, surname, position, and contact information. It can also include other important data, such as a list of services or goods, website address, or a map with the specified location.


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