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Lamination - great way to achieve product strength

Lamination is processing of printing sheets by coating them with transparent glossy or matte film. Laminating is done by using a special machine – laminator.

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Lamination - great way to achieve product strength

Price for lamination process

Matte or gloss (one-sided lamination) 1 0.30
Matte or gloss (double-sided lamination) 1 0.40
SoftTouch (one-sided lamination) 1 0.50
  • VAT is not included in the price.
  • The larger the circulation, the lower the cost for 1 piece.
  • High circulation rates are calculated on individual request.
  • It is possible to laminate 320 x up to 1000 mm, price as 2 SRA3 sheets.


Lamination in pockets

54x86mm (paper 48x80mm) 0.60
60x90mm (paper 54x84mm) 0.60
65x95mm (paper 59x89mm) 0.60
67x99mm (paper 61x93mm) 0.60
70x110mm (paper 64x104mm) 0.60
76x105mm (paper 70x99mm) 0.60
111x154mm (paper A6) 0.60
154x216mm (paper A5) 0.63
216x303mm (paper A4) 1.10
303x426mm (paper A3) 1.75
  • Laminate in gloss 125 micron pocket.
  • Minimum order price 3 EUR + VAT.
  • Prices are without VAT.

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Fast deadline! Lamination in a few hours!


The latest generation of equipment! We use high quality and ecological materials!
100 % warranty

100 % warranty

We provide a quality guarantee for all our customers' printing products!

About lamination and its types

Printing production gets additional endurance, protection against humidity and dirt when it is laminated. It is necessary to have an addition protection for printing production if it is regular usage, for example, for catalogues, pocket calendars, passes, menus.

Glossy film intensifies an effect of colours, brightness and productions becomes more colourful.

Matte film on the production will help to avoid from reflections and will have a smart look.

We offer single sided lamination and double-sided lamination by using glossy and matte films.

“Soft Touch” laminate

“Soft Touch” laminate gives printed material a velvety feel, which is very pleasant when you touch it. When touching the product covered with “Soft Touch” laminate, you have a feeling as if it would be velvet or soft suede.

This laminate gives your product a fine texture with little or no gloss. But it should be taken into account that the laminate “Soft Touch” will make the color of printed material by approximately 10% darker.

Sometimes the “soft touch” laminate is also called “soft-feel” or “velvet” laminate.

Most commonly this laminate is used for book covers, company representative folders, business cards or other promotional material in order to increase the visual quality of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can laminate existing print products if they are suitable for lamination and are not too damaged. Please contact our specialists to find out the possibilities and availability.
Yes, the price of the lamination service can vary depending on the product size, volume, and type of lamination. To get an accurate price, please contact our specialists.
Lamination can affect the appearance of text and image (making it brighter or muting), but it does not damage it in any way.
For lamination we use transparent glossy or matte films, as well as soft touch, which enhances the color brightness, thick laminate, anti scratch, which significantly protects the product from scratches, and thick laminate, which makes the product extremely durable. All types of samples can be viewed in person at the office.
Yes, lamination is available on various sizes of paper sheets, from small business cards to large poster-sized sheets.
Yes, it is possible to laminate only one side.
The lamination process is quick and effective. It depends on the size and volume, but usually lamination takes only a few minutes. However, before cutting and other further processing, the product needs to cool down to ensure full adhesion of the laminate to the material.
Lamination provides durability to paper sheets, protecting them from moisture, scratches, and other damages. It also imparts a glossy or matte surface to the product, enhancing its aesthetic appearance.
Lamination can be used for various products, such as business cards, posters, planners, price tags, labels, and other materials to provide them with a durable and stylish finish.
Lamination significantly increases the durability and resilience of the material against everyday wear and tear and damage, as well as makes it easy to clean and resistant to moisture.


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