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Manufacturing and printing canvas with a design

Fast and high-quality canvas production, tailored to your wishes. Canvas printing will perfectly complement the interior and become a special gift.

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Manufacturing and printing canvas with a design

Prices for the production and printing of canvas

All prices are with VAT

20 x 30 24.00
25 x 50 25.00
30 x 30 28.00
30 x 40 29.00
40 x 40 32.00
40 x 60 34.00
40 x 80 42.00
50 x 50 35.00
50 x 60 37.00
50 x 70 39.00
50 x 80 45.00
50 x 100 48.00
60 x 90 47.00
60 x 120 55.00
70 x 60 49.00
70 x 70 54.00
80 x 80 58.00
90 x 120 65.00 ‎
100 x 100 63.00
  • Execution 3-4 business days (For an additional fee we can make it faster)
  • Price is for 1 piece
  • Price includes material with print and wooden sub-frame
  • For non-standard sizes, please contact us
  • Material – Coala Canvas S 310g

Why choose us?



Fast project development! We will make frameless canvas from the finished file in 1 day!


The latest generation of equipment! We use high quality and ecological materials!
100 % Guarantee

100 % Guarantee

We guarantee quality for all our customers' printing products!

Canvas making, design and printing

Canvas production takes place in a few stages. First you print your chosen photo or image on a polyester-cotton canvas fabric using the latest canvas printing technology, resulting in a photo painting on the canvas. Canvas printing is done with a special printing device that provides high image quality, brightness, smooth tones and halftone color transitions.

Canvas fabric is specially made to print on a wooden sub-frame and on a texture, the fabric is durable and long-lasting. You can buy the lower frame separately or order a canvas that is already ready on the frame.

Canvas design

You can choose the canvas design yourself. You can capture your family picture, portrait or just a beautifully captured sunset moment on canvas canvas. Thanks to the wooden frame on which the fabric is laid, the picture becomes similar to the painting, gaining spatiality and emotional vitality.

Canvas is a photo or image on a canvas. It’s a way to turn your love photo or picture into an artwork. Canvas serves as an excellent room decoration and interior element for home, office, school, etc. It is a personal gift for important celebrations, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or weddings, etc.

Multiple photo canvas

When producing multiple parts of photo canvas, the photo is divided, printed and individually stitched on the wooden sub frame. Each canvas has special fasteners that allow it to be easily hanged on the wall. When ordering several parts of the canvas, it is necessary to specify how many centimeters the space will be between the parts of the canvas. Each canvas is carved next to each other and can consist, for example, of three, four or five parts, but together they form an impressive canvas that will be a luxurious addition to the interior.

Design from 5 minutes

Create your own design for free or choose from pre-made designs

On our website you can create your own design or choose from ready-made designs and order printing online

create your own design

Frequently Asked Questions

We use high-quality printing technologies to provide clear images and colors on the canvas. Your canvas will be of excellent quality and visually appealing.
Yes, we provide delivery for canvas orders. Delivery costs and time may vary depending on your location and the order volume. To find out the exact delivery details, please contact us.
We offer both standard sizes and the possibility to order a custom size. You can specify the desired size in the order form or by contacting us.
To place an order or get additional information about canvas making, please fill out our online order form or contact us by phone at +371 27863280 or email at We will be happy to help and provide all the necessary information.
Yes, we offer canvas making and printing with individual design.
We use high-quality canvas materials that are suitable for printing and ensure excellent image quality and durability.
Yes, you can provide your own design for the canvas. We use your provided design or help you develop and adjust the design to make it visually appealing and match your wishes.
Yes, canvas printing perfectly complements the interior and gives the opportunity to create a unique atmosphere in the rooms. You can choose a design that will harmonize with your home or office decor.
The production time for canvas depends on the order volume and complexity. We usually try to fulfill the order as soon as possible, but we can specify the exact time when we receive your order and detailed information.
Yes, the canvases are provided with a ready hanging system that allows you to easily and conveniently hang the canvas on the wall.


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