No matter how digital our everyday life becomes, the experience we have in holding a high-quality and beautifully designed object is unique. Several design and marketing studies show that the subjects with which we interact at a sensory level give us a more lasting impression then of digital solutions. Paper is no exception. Design trends change every year. In order to develop the most effective graphic design solution, it is necessary to follow new trends of the design, which will inspire the implementation of new projects.


What new trends should you know about when creating a print design in 2021?

Minimalist floral patterns

Minimalism has played a dominant role in design for the last couple of years, and in 2021 it has become even more relevant – minimalist floral patterns. Extremely narrow lines, elegant shapes, pastel tones – what modern customers want.

Futuristic geometry

Although this trend is not generally new in design , it has become especially relevant in print design. 3D geometric shapes – cubes, pyramids, etc. – Now used in the design of flyers, brochures, business cards and other printed products. These geometric shapes combine perfectly with dark backgrounds and bright design elements.

One color palette

We have been surrounded by bright, multicolored advertising and other materials for several years. Probably that is why 2021 is one in which we have decided to stick to simplicity in both form and color. This year we have noticed the insistence of customers on the designs of one color palette. To create the most successful design solution, use one color palette to find out which color will be the predominant color and choose the shades closest to it to color different elements.

Natural textures and materials

People are increasingly choosing to support ecological living, sustainability and environmental mobility, which is why they prefer to use products made from natural materials. It is for this reason that this year, when choosing a print design, customers prefer natural textures, shapes and colors. Innovative design ideas in this regard are related not only to the design itself, but also to the material used for printing. The most sustainable printing materials are recycled paper and bamboo paper.

Extremely minimalist print design

Some modern customers seem to particularly prefer minimalism in design. Therefore, if your goal is to reach a modern audience and get more projects, you need to adapt your work to the minimalist art movement. You won’t be wrong with simple geometric shapes and narrow lines.

Emphasis on the brightest colors of the brand

In order to arrive at a design that is pleasantly surprising and able to inspire, it is important to carefully choose the colors used in the design. It is not recommended to combine several different bright colors this year, it will not help to make your design more eye-catching. If your goal is to create an elegant and modern design, the emphasis must be on one dominant color – the color representing the brand.

Application of watercolor design

Watercolor background is another design trend this year that you will be able to use for your material. It always looks sophisticated and does not require much effort. Watercolor design elements allow the brand to effectively represent its personality and attract the attention of consumers in an unobtrusive way. It is a great solution for clothing, cosmetics and other beauty and accessory brands and service brands, as well as art companies.

Emphasis on text

It is known that visual material can express thousands of words and when working with new print designs we often pay more attention to visual elements than to text. However, sometimes the text needs to play a more important role than the image. The main goal is to create a design that will attract attention to the text in the material. To achieve this result, you can enlarge the text and place it over the image by choosing a contrasting color for the font.

Fingerprint pattern

A brand new design element in the new trends line is fingerprint patterns, which especially attract modern customers. Why? The fingerprint pattern is mostly associated with authenticity and originality. That is why companies have started to choose to include it as an element in their design, believing that it will force consumers to associate these qualities with the company itself.

Diagonal lines

Diagonal lines always help to make the design more modern. Diagonal lines can be used as a background element to create a minimalist print design or any other design. Lines can be varied. It all depends on your wishes, idea and purpose.

Impressionist art in writing

Most graphic designers are inspired by art, which often results in new issues in print design. Inspired by the works of the most famous artists, modern designers have begun to apply Impressionist ideas in modern print design. That’s why magazine covers and brochures reminiscent of the world’s most famous works of art are often found. A great way to attract attention and use a design to keep the message in the memory of the recipient.

Get inspired and receive a new dose of motivation to create effective and memorable designs! If necessary, use the support of our designers, consulting on the possibilities of developing the most successful solution!