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Tips for creating a calendar for 2022!

Two-thirds of 2021 has passed and the time has come for the printing press to prepare for the new 2022 by making greeting cards, invitations to corporate events and New Year’s parties and, of course, making calendars so that everyone can have a new one on January 1st. page and plan the new year 2022 productively! has prepared an insight into creating a calendar, so that you can be sure of your choice when creating your calendar! We remind you that calendars can be created not only for commercial purposes, but also for personal use, as a gift, etc.

Calendars are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after types of printing products. They are used as souvenirs, gifts, corporate attributes, advertising tools, of course, also for personal use – at home or in the office and in many other places, depending on the size and type of calendar.

Types of calendars, their design creation and printing

The printing house, which is located in the very center of Riga and offers a wide range of printing services,, distributes the following types of calendars:


  • Pockets;
  • Walls;
  • Table;

There are many different variations in creating calendars, but one of the most common is triangular, which you’ll see in almost every office. Of course, even more often than pocket calendars or triangular calendars, you will find a classic calendar, showing three months – past, present and next, complemented by a decorative border with your chosen design. These calendars can be varied in several ways – a calendar with one, two or even four months, supplemented with the desired number of decorative borders. These calendars are spiral bound, making them easy to variate and change. But do not forget that everyone has individual wishes on how to present their company or what calendar will fit into the interior. Therefore, SIA “Dizains un Druka” is flexible for each client and adapts to the wishes of the clients and provides professional advice in order to arrive at a successful result together!

Where to make a calendar for 2022?

Making calendars in a printing house in the center of Riga, in the highest quality, using professional equipment and entrusting work to experienced designers, will be your best investment, looking forward to the new year 2022! offers a wide range of services, which is intended not only for large companies, but also for individuals, also producing small-volume goods!

We recommend that you take care of creating calendars in good time, especially if they are intended for use as handouts or gifts! For more information on calendar production prices, see the PRICES section!