Advantages of large format printing

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Although companies today tend to desire to fully switch to digital communication with their audience, it should be kept in  mind that traditional forms of advertising marketing are often more effective that digital ones.

Printed materials can be much more compelling than digital advertisements.

For digital advertising, the consumer usually does not pay more than 15 seconds attention, if at all.

With large-format printing, advertising will be more visible and memorable, especially if its design is as creative and attractive as possible, which will be achieved by professional designers who will prepare the design for printing.

Advantages of large format printing:

  • It increases brand awareness, making it memorable for consumers;
  • Clearly readable advertising message even from a great distance;
  • Guaranteed customer engagement that will help drive sales and possibly boost customer loyalty;
  • It is universal, can be used in all types of marketing materials – posters, banners, stickers, etc.;
  • The materials developed by this method are extremely durable and can be stored outdoors for a long time without losing their original quality;
  • Fast material development process;
  • Wide range of materials: vinyl, fabric, glass, wood, corrugated plastic, metal, etc.


A study in the United States found that 76% of consumers visited a store because of its large-format advertising.

However, care must be taken when choosing a printing service provider, as the service provided must be of high quality in order to be effective. You will definitely not make a mistake when choosing a printing company with several years of experience in providing services.

Whatever the intended purpose of the material, large-format printing will ensure its durability, as well as a wide area of ​​exposure, which will allow the message to attract more attention, stand out and be easier to read.